About that Pointless person,

My name is Caleb Morton, I have been an actor since I was eight years old. It seems like a very long time, because it has been. But for the last ten years I have written poems for my own enjoyment and now I want to share and hope that anyone reading them enjoys them too. It all started on a dark and stormy night, when my friend showed me his poetry and said it was a great coping mechanism. So the next time I needed to process my new feelings my jouney into poetry began. Since then I have written almost a hundred poems, many of which I would rather burn than post online. But the ones that I like are making it here. In between writing poems I spent my days doing theatre, so much so that I went to college for it and got a nice shiny degree. Now I also write plays, act and build sets. It’s been an interesting experiance up to now, and I thought it was about time to unleash my vat of odd poems into the world of the internet. I hope you enjoy.