The Ladder.

I’ve seen the city from the top
Of the water tower at the tracks.

Ignoring my fearful thoughts

I rose, no looking down to my fear.

Smiled my bright brave face.

Clinched my chattering teeth.

My knuckles turned white

Holding the bars tight 

To fight their violent trimble.
Shouting above to ensure

The best of my team.

They never saw the shivering boy

I hid inside my quivering throat.

Stepping over the top rail

My hand groped for the bar

Fingers felt the cold metal

Slipping from my grip.

My weight shifted back…
Falling… my greatest fear…

As a child I rolled from my bed

Nightly I would tumble down

Dreaming of slipping off

Gravity taking my hand

Leading me to the inevitable.

I slam on the ground

Felt the reverberation 

Sweep through my bones
Clenched my chattering teeth

My knuckles turn white 

As I snach for the ladder

Holding the bars tight. 

Escaping my nightmare

For one more day, I feel the life

Pulse stronger in my viens.
My feet slide over to land slowly.

The tower steadily under my feet

Looking over my defeated enemy

All the fear dripping to the ground.


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