Poetic Fate

In a room full of heavy hearts

I can only lean to keep sharp

I have these dripping pumps

Flooding my mind’s poor cup

I drink fast trying not to drown

In the emotion’s echoing sound.

A sponge can only hold so much

Before it’s dripping with such…

Heavy slogging, my soaked frame

Sailing the bog of poet’s shame.

The pain crashing over in waves

Destroys my notion to behave.

I rip at my clothes and drip

The sweat from toe to lip.

Stepping outside for a breath

Georgia air feels, soggy death.

In the heavy heat holding tight.

I feel the weight getting light.

Free of the pain permitted the air

Revived from the borrowed dispar

I see my friend, beauty and grace

Enter in her thorny and pierced face.

She hugs me hard and relive my weight

And I return to face the poet’s fate.


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